Thierry Fournier is a French artist and curator living in the Paris area; he holds an Architecture degree from the Lyon Architecture College. His works addresses the evolution of the limits of what is human, of otherness and of sociality, and how these questions are deeply replayed in a context reconfigured by technology.

The materials he uses can be a symphony orchestra, media found on the internet, social networks, landscapes, screens or messages broadcast in the public space, surveillance systems, etc. His installations, objects, videos, photographs and performances use these elements, modifying or shifting them to highlight their stakes. Through these situations, his work offers a perspective on the relationships between individuals, society, nature and artifacts.

As a curator, his work addresses these questions through collective forms, claiming the transversality of the digital stakes in contemporary art, and assuming a specific work on spatiality and temporality. He curates exhibitions (Data on view, What is missing, Augmented Window, Outside Lectures…) and co-initiates collective research projects about curating and publishing (Artem Collection, The Self and the World, Echolalie, Pandore, Displays…). He co-heads, with art critic J. Emil Sennewald, the research group Displays at EnsadLab/Ensad (Paris), dedicated to the forms and practices of the exhibitions.

His work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad. Recent exhibitions include Saarlandisches Künstlerhaus (Saarbrücken), Ososphère and Opéra national du Rhin (Strasbourg) , Alma (Paris), Lo Pati (Amposta), La Terrasse (Nanterre), Ars Santa Monica (Barcelone), festival Exit (Créteil), Lux Scène nationale de Valence, Atsuko Barouh Gallery and Japan French Institute (Tokyo & Kyoto), New Cinema Festival (Montréal), La Panacée (Montpellier), Renaissance and Fantastic (Lille), Pompidou Centre (Paris), ZKM (Karlsruhe), etc.


“What you have learned from Joseph Beuys and his 7000 Oaks, the communities he has created and his utopia, is precisely what attracts me today in your work and in working with you: sociability. Neither communard, nor esprit de corps. Sociability means being together, being interested in the other over the course of an encounter that transforms each of us. Merleau-Ponty spoke of the flesh of the world (we share the same interest in phenomenology.) This flesh is not individual, it does not embody in a single person. It is created together, by the interaction. Perception, behavior and thinking are created by a (allow me to introduce here a word by Simondon that is so dear to me) transductive process. All elements contribute to this: machines, media, objects, subjects. This non-linear and non-historical process is reversible: it extends vertically and crystallizes.”

(Excerpt from Charade, text by J. Emil Sennewald in Overflow, exhibition catalogue, 2015)

Solo shows

2017 – Heterotopia, Synesthesie & Musée d’art et d’histoire de Saint-Denis (France)
2015 – Overflow, Lux Scène nationale de Valence (France)
2011 – Hotspot, Contexts (Paris).
2010 – Seul Richard – La Chartreuse Centre national des écritures du spectacle, Villeneuve lez Avignon
2009 – Un Geste qui ne finit pas (A Never Ending Gesture) – Lux Scène nationale de Valence
2009 – Point d’orgue (Fermata), Kawenga / Montpellier
2008 – Conférences du dehors (Outside lectures) – Chartreuse Centre national des écritures du spectacle, Villeneuve lez Avignon
2008 – Reanimation – International Next Festival (Valenciennes), with Samuel Bianchini and Sylvain Prunenec.
2008 – Step to step – Rennes College of Arts.
2007 – Feedbackroom – Nancy National Superior College of Arts.
2007 – Seul Richard – Arcal Lyrique, Paris.
2005 – Réanimation 1 – CCN Ballet de Lorraine, Nancy. With Samuel Bianchini and Nathalie Simon.
2003 – The Nibelungen Treasure – Le Carré des Jalles, Saint-Médard en Jalles.
2003 – Electric Bodyland, Synthese Festival, Bourges.
2002 – L’Ombre d’un doute (Shadow of a doubt) – Natural History Museum, Lyons.
2001 – La Mue de l’ange (The Moult of the Angel) – Maison de la Culture de Bourges.
2001 – La Mue de l’ange (The Moult of the Angel) – Archa Theater, Prague (Czech Republic).
2000 – The Nibelungen Treasure, Nibelungen Museum, Worms (Allemagne). Permanent exhibition from 2000 to 2006.
2000 – The Nibelungen Treasure, Goethe Institut, Paris.


2016 – Données à voir (Datas on view), co-curator, La Terrasse, Nanterre
2015 – Head of Displays research group, EnsadLab, Ensad, Paris
2015 – Augmented Window 05 – La Panacée, Montpellier
2015 – Augmented Window 04 – Royal Castle of Collioure
2015 – What is missing – La Panacée, Montpellier
2013 – Augmented Window 03 – Friche La Belle de mai, Marseille
2012 – Augmented Window 02 – Prats de Mollo (Eastern Pyrénées, France)
2011 – Cohabitation II – Galerie NaNiMa, ENSA Nancy 2011
2011 – Augmented Window I – Centre Pompidou (Paris)
2011 – Cohabitation I – Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancy
2008 – Outside Lectures (Conférences du dehors) – Chartreuse / CNES, Villeneuve lez Avignon
1997-2004 – Pandore, curatorial project on CD

Group shows (selection)

2017 – Ososphère, Strasbourg
2017 – Public Pool #3, Commissaires d’exposition associés, FRAC Nord Pas de Calais, Dunkerque (FR)
2017 – Well, I’m the only one here, curated by Jean-Christophe Arcos & Laurent Lacotte, Alma Paris 5FR)
2017 – In Lothringens Fruchtbäume kletterte ich…, Saarländisches Künstlerhaus, Saarbrücken (DE)
2017 – Chroniques, Seconde Nature / Zinc, Marseille (FR)
2016 – Variation Art Fair, Paris (FR)
2016 – Données à voir (Datas on view), La Terrasse, Nanterre (FR)
2016 – Home Cinema, Daegu Contemporary Art Museum, Korea
2016 – Home Cinema, Printemps de Saint-Sauveur, Lille
2016 – Perceptions, Via (Maubeuge, FR) & Exit (Créteil, FR) festivals, curators Emilie Fouilloux and Vladimir Demoule
2016 – Real Time, Ars Santa Monica, Barcelona (ES), curated by Pau Waelder
2015 – Ososphère Festival, Strasbourg (FR)
2015 – New Cinema Festival, Montreal (CA)
2015 – Renaissance – Lille (FR), curator Didier Fusilier
2015 – Kunst und Kino – State Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich (DE), curator Franziska Stöhr
2015 – Home Cinema – VIA (Maubeuge, FR) & EXIT (Créteil, FR), curator Charles Carcopino
2014 – Un moment d’éternité dans le passage du temps – La Terrasse art centre, Nanterre (FR)
2014 – Mémoires d’un amnésique – Maison Populaire, Montreuil (FR)
2014 – Alter narratives – Atsuko Barouh gallery, Tokyo, curator Yukiko Shikata
2014 – Digital Choc Festival – Alliance Française, Tokyo
2014 – The End is the Beginning – The Wand, Berlin
2013 – Bouillants Festival, Rennes
2013 – Silent Rooms – Kawenga (Montpellier), curator Grégory Diguet
2013 – Hors-pistes Festival – Centre Pompidou (Paris)
2013 – Emergences Festival – Lux Scène nationale de Valence
2012 – Fantastic, Lille
2012 – Nuit Blanche, Aubervilliers
2012 – Festival Bouillants, Rennes
2012 – Festival Electroshoc, Bourgoin
2012 – Festival Des Souris et des Hommes – Le Carré des Jalles, St Médard en Jalles
2011 – Gamerz – Vasarely Fondation, Aix-en-Provence
2011 – Nuit Blanche, Aubervilliers
2011 – Rubbing Glances – Salles Poirel, Nancy
2011 – Cohabitation, Musée des beaux-arts de Nancy
2010 – Entrelacs, interactive video for Entrelacs dance project, Lionel Hoche.
2010 – Cohabitation, École nationale supérieure d’art de Nancy
2009 – Ososphere Festival, Strasbourg
2009 – Carthage Choreographic Festival, Tunis, Tunisia
2008 – Vers Agrippine (To Agrippine), Kawenga / Montpellier
2008 – Ososphere Festival,Strasbourg.
2008 – Zaragoza International Exhibition 2008 – Monaco pavilion, Zaragoza (Spain).
2008 – Electronic music festival Seconde Nature – La Chartreuse CNES, Villeneuve lez Avignon.
2008 – Cube Festival, Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux.
2008 – JIM’08 Festival, GMEA, Albi.
2007 – Montre moi l’œuvre autrement – FRAC Haute-Normandie, curator Marc Donnadieu.
2007 – Outlab – La Bellevilloise, Paris.
2007 – Open 2007 – Lelabo, Paris.
2006 – Les Inaccoutumés Festival – La Ménagerie de verre, Paris.
2005 – Alltag, ein Gebrauchanweisung – Techniches Museum Wien (Austria), curator Susanne Wernsing
2005 – French pavilion, Aichi World Fair (Japan).
2005 – Ars Numerica Festival, Montbéliard.
2004 – Vers Agrippine (To Agrippine) – Lelabo, Paris.
2004 – Vers Agrippine (To Agrippine) – Studio-Théâtre de Vitry.
2003 – Novellum Festival, Toulouse.
2002 – Cyberarts Festival – Goethe Institut, Boston (USA).
2000 – ISEA festival – Le Divan du Monde, Paris.

Grants, residencies, competitions and public commissions

2015 – Expériences interactives, Pictanovo / Nord Pas de Calais Région
2014 – Artist in residence, La Maison Populaire, Montreuil
2013 – Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montréal, special prize of the jury
2013 – ZKM App Award nomination (Karlsruhe, Germany)
2012 – Digital creation grant (Languedoc-Roussillon Region, France)
2011 – Dicréam grant, French Ministry of Culture / CNC
2011 – Winner of Digital Culture competition (Languedoc-Roussillon Region)
2011 – Winner of Futur en Seine competition (Ile de France Region)
2011 – Artem Creation Grant, Nancy
2010 – Residency, La Charteuse / CNES (France) Residency Grant (Languedoc-Roussillon Region)
2009 – Commission by Technisches Museum Wien (Austria)
2008 – Dicréam grant, French Ministry of Culture / CNC
2008 – Residency, La Chartreuse / CNES (France)
2007 – Winner of competition for Monaco Pavilion, Zaragoza World Fair (Spain)
2007 – Digital Creation Grant (Languedoc-Roussillon Region)
2006 – Commission by Technisches Museum Wien (Austria)
2006 – Residencies at Arcal Lyrique and Avant-Rue, Paris (France)
2005 – Dicréam grant, French Ministry of Culture / CNC
2005 – Winner of competition for French Pavilion, Aichi World Fair (Japan)
2005 – Residency, Mains d’Œuvres, Saint-Ouen (France)
2004 – Public commission, Navel Garden, Pougne-Hérisson (France)
2004 – Public commission, Studio-Théâtre de Vitry (France)
2003 – Public commission and residency, Institut de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges
2000 – Public commission, 21th Century Celebration, French Ministry of Culture
2000 – International Grant, Arts Council of Canada
1998 – Winner of Nibelungen Museum Worms competition (Germany) with A+H

Panels (as an organizer)

2016 – Versions, workshop and panel, Displays research group, Maison Populaire de Montreuil, September 5-16th.
2015 – Experimentations and audiences, Displays research group, Ensad, June 4th.
2015 – Exhibition Spaces, Displays research group, Ensad, May 29th.
2015 – New Objects, Displays research group, Maison des Arts de Créteil, March 30th.
2014 – Experiment the Museum, Diip research group, Ensad, June 10th.

Interventions : lectures, panels, schools (selection)

2016 – Lecture, Ecole supérieure d’art d’Orléans, March 23th
2015 – Lecture, Université Paris 7, November 25th, invited by Céline Flécheux
2015 – Lecture, Université Montpellier 3, November 23th, invited by Claire Châtelet
2015 – Lecture, Centre d’arts plastiques d’Aubervilliers, November 13th
2015 – Lecture at Maison des arts de Créteil, April 1st
2015 – Panel: Phenorama research group, ENSCI, Paris, March 23th
2015 – Lecture at ESACM – Clermont-Ferrand College of arts, March 6th
2015 – Panel: Art and economy , Transmediale, Berlin, January 31th
2014 – Lecture at Taxi Tram, Maison Populaire de Montreuil, November 25th
2014 – Lecture, Synesthésie, Médiathèque de Saint Denis, September 27th
2014 – Panel: Les Écrans tactiles mobiles, Université de Poitiers, June 13th
2014 – Panel: Les Ecrits du numérique, Alphabetville, Marseille, March 6th
2014 – Lecture at Japanese French Institute, Sapporo, February 27th
2014 – Lecture at Japanese French Institute, Tokyo, February 25th
2013 – Lecture at La Panacée, Montpellier, November 22th
2013 – Lecture at Paul Valéry University, Montpellier, November 5th
2013 – Lecture at New Cinema Festival, Montréal, October 16th
2013 – Lecture at Expérimenta, Grenoble, October 11th
2013 – Lecture at Rendez-vous électroniques Festival, Pau, June 15th
2013 – Panel: Augmented window 03 project, Friche La Belle de Mai, May 18th
2013 – Lecture at Bouillants #5 Festival, Les Champs Libres, Rennes, May 3th, sur Soundcloud
2013 – Panel: Nice to meet you, Zinc / Marseille with Nicolas Feodoroff, march 10th
2013 – Lecture at Festival 100%, Montpellier, February
2012 – Panel: iDate, Montpellier, November
2012 – Panel: Dizain, Designers interactifs, Le Divan du Monde / Paris, November
2012 – Panel at UTC Compiègne, Espace Legendre, Compiègne, April
2012 – Lecture at Scène nationale d’Evreux with Pierre Carniaux, January
2011 – Lecture at Rennes II University, Digital Creation Master, November
2011 – FITG2 – ArtLab panel, Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporaine, September
2011 – Nice to meet you panel, Zinc / Marseille with Jean Cristofol, June
2011 – Panel: History and transmission, Valence College of Arts, May
2010 – Panel: Pierre Schaeffer, an archeology of the future, CCAM, Vandœuvre les Nancy, December 9th
2010 – Panel: Research and Creation, Ensa Nancy, April 30th
2009 – Lecture at École Européenne Supérieure de l’Image, Poitiers, December 4th
2009 – Lecture at ENSAD – École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs, Paris, March 18th
2009 – Panel: Images en scène, Lux – Scène nationale de Valence, march 27th
2009 – Lecture at Images en scène, Lux – Scène nationale de Valence, march 28th
2009 – Lecture at Metz College of Arts, introduction and moderator Christian Globensky, December 1st.
2008 – Lecture at Rennes College of Arts, introduction and moderator Luc Larmor, septembre 24th
2008 – Lecture at Sciences Po Paris, introduction and moderators Frédérique Aït-Touati and Valérie Pihet, May 15th
2008 – Panel: Sonde 08 # 02 – Ecriture et dispositifs, La Chartreuse – CNES, Villeneuve lez Avignon, April 22th
2008 – Panel: Sonde 08 # 01 – Mutations de l’écriture, La Chartreuse – CNES, February 15th
2008 – Lecture at Rennes College of arts, moderator Luc Larmor, January 22th
2007 – Lecture at La Chartreuse – CNES, Villeneuve lez Avignon, moderator Franck Bauchard, October 26th
2007 – Panel: Outlab 2007 / CITU, La Bellevilloise, Paris, moderation Martine Bour and Christophe Leclerc, November 19th
2007 – Panel: Art oriented programming, LAM-LETA, Nancy College of arts, moderator Samuel Bianchini, October 20th
2007 – Lecture at Kawenga, Montpellier, moderator Grégory Diguet, February 6th
2006 – Lecture at 4th Monaco International Dance Biennale, December 10th
2006 – Panel: Pixel : Computer graphics, softwares and anthropology, Art-Map, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, moderators E. Grimaud, S. Houdart and A. Deshayes (Avignon College of Arts), October 5th
2006 – Lecture, The Feedback and the Musical Creation, GRAME, Lyon, March 17th
2006 – Lecture at Rennes Colege of arts, moderator Luc Larmor, March 9th
2006 – Lecture at Documentation Center for Contemporary Music, moderator Catherine Vayne and Jean-Baptiste Barrière, January 12th
2005 – Lecture at Emergence festival, Confluences, Paris with Samuel Bianchini, September 25th
2005 – Lecture at Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, moderator Carine Le Malet, April 10th
2004 – Lecture at Navel Museum, Pougnes-Hérisson, moderator Cécile Renault, May 6th
2002 – Lecture at Lyon Natural History Museum, moderators and discussion Michel Côté and Hervé Groscarret, December 5th
2001 – Lecture at Goethe Institut, Boston (USA) with O. Auber, E. Berriet and B. Hoge, moderator Claudia Ahn-Rahbe, May 5th