En vigie

(The Lookout) series of generative videos (2017)

If you listen to Beethoven, it’s always the same, but if you listen to traffic, it’s always different. John Cage

A chosen landscape is filmed in a long still shot. Each movement in the image is highlighted with a saturated white overlay, like a firefly. Their sum controls the movement of a read-head in the crescendo of an orchestra, which therefore oscillates constantly and whose climax never happens.

En vigie 02 (Strasbourg) was produced in Avril 2017 within the Ososphère festival in Strasbourg (FR).

En vigie was produced within the frame of the Augmented Window 04 Collioure project in 2014, curated by Thierry Fournier, produced by Feder, Languedoc-Roussillon Region, CG 66. Executive production Illusion & Macadam.