Ecotone (jp)

network installation, 2015 (japanese version)
twitter queries, real time 3d program, synthesized voices, projection or lcd screen

Ecotone generates an infinite landscape from live capture of tweets read by synthesized voices, which all have in common to express desires : I wish, I would love, I would be so great… A camera endlessly moves on in slow motion through this artificial paradise.

Extracted from their original context and from the codes of a social network, these personal thoughts (and sometimes very close) are thus projected into a collective space and form an involuntary narrative. Through the issues of these words thrown like prayers or messages in a bottle, the work questions the permanent visibility and the traces of these lives on the internet, addressing the fluctuating boundaries of privacy and secret.

The 3D landscape is generated in real time on Unity, its relief generated by the voice’s apparitions. Its perspective is based on a « depth map » principle, freely inspired from the suibokuga japanese ink paintings.

Programing and artistic collaboration: Olivier Guillerminet. Coproduction: Lux Scène nationale de Valence, with support from Scan Rhône-Alpes grant, Dicréam grant, residency at Synesthesie and Ile-de-France Region.