antiAtlas Journal

Art direction of an online research journal

Digital, bilingual and in free access, the antiAtlas Journal opens an exploratory editorial space dedicated to a radical transdisciplinary approach to contemporary borders. As an extension of the antiAtlas of Borders project relying on a collaboration between researchers and artists, it experiments new methods of editing and of modelization of research. The editorial directors are Cédric Parizot, Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary and Jean Cristofol. Its content is available online (desktop, tablets and mobiles) and in PDF format.

Published online on 13 April 2016, the first issue, Arts-Sciences Explorations at the Border, brings together articles by Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary, Jean Cristofol, Anna Guilló, Nicola Mai, Sarah Mekdjian and Marie Moreau, and Cédric Parizot and Douglas Edric Stanley. The second issue, Fictions at Frontiers (2017), will provide an account of research and reflections put forward by the antiAtlas of Borders’ collective.

Content for later thematic issues will be obtained via calls for papers: the first of these, for antiAtlas Journal n°03, will be published online on 1 June 2016.


Conceptualized and designed by Thierry Fournier and created with Papascript, the editorial and graphic layout for the Journal takes advantage of opportunities offered by digital publication for extending the experience of reading research articles. Its design of articles in wide “sheets” allows readers to access from a variety of levels: the text itself, and the network and landscape that the text creates through its iconography.

By opening up multiple proximities and circulations between text and image, it enables transversal trajectories and varying levels of perception that a linear organisation does not permit, though a linear pdf version will also be available. Very large images will extend beyond the screen: exclusive circulation within an image becomes one form of lecture, similarly to the way we move within a text.