Collective for curating, production and critique. Founded in 2006 by Thierry Fournier (artist), Gérald Gauguier (author), Steven Hearn (producer), Marie Husson (artist), Myriam Marzouki (author and director), Daniel Migairou (producer), Isabelle Pellegrini (author), Valérie Pihet (Sciences Po / École des Arts Politiques) and Jean-François Robardet (artist).

This collective project was dedicated to production, curating and critique, exploring the transferts between visual arts, performing arts and writing. In 2007, Écholalie invited five artists, authors and researchers for a series of conferences: Miguel Benasayag (philosopher and psychoanalyst), Samuel Bianchini (artist), Céline Flécheux (philosopher), Per Hüttner (artist) and Bruno Latour (philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist). The collective has also curated the Open 2007 exhibition and performances on May 27th 2007 at Lelabo (Paris), in collaboration with CITu (Laboratories of Paris 1 et Paris 8 universities):

– Samuel Bianchini : “Diaporama #1 – Audience at work: niform, interactive installation” (projection)
– Manuel Coursin and Théo Kooijman : “Le Son des choses n°8 – Egoutte-moi” (performance)
– Emma Dusong : “La Corde” (performance)
– Juliette Fontaine : “Erotiques” (drawings)
– Thierry Fournier, Juliette Fontaine and Judith Morisseau : “Seul Richard – Overture” (performance)
– Thierry Fournier and Emmanuelle Lafon : “Outside lectures – Episode 1” (performance)
– Marie Husson : “WWW.” (photographs)
– Pascal Kirsch, Bénédicte Le Lamer and Florent Manneveau : “Guardamunt 34′” (performance)
– Myriam Marzouki, Christophe Brault and Clémence Léauté : “United Problems of Coût de la Main d’Œuvre” (theater, excerpt)
– Jean-François Robardet : “Powertool” (drawings)