The Unseen (Non-lieu)

Series of 5 digital prints, hahnemühle fine art paper laminated on dibond, 75 x 50 cm, 2016-2024

The Unseen (French title Non-Lieu) is a series of images of bombings dated 2016 and 2024 in Syria and the Gaza Strip, in which the part that would allow them to be located is erased. The juxtaposition of these two figures, the blank surface of the screen and the truncated image, aims to question our relationship to an invisibilised reality. The term ‘non-lieu’ in French refers on the one hand to the erasure of a part of the image, the location of which we do not know; and on the other, in legal language, to the abandonment of legal proceedings because it is impossible to determine responsibility. These two aspects raise the question of what technology allows us to not see.




Distributed by ArtJaws online gallery.