curatorial project and audio magazine, 1997-2004

Curatorial project and audio magazine, 1997-2004

Nine issues have been published between 1997 and 2004. It proposed to a wide range of authors (artists, writers, scientists, film and stage directors, musicians or composers, journalists, etc.) to communicate a sound recording in relationship with their current work and/or preoccupations. All the recordings are edited one after the other, in the chronological order of their arrival, without any cut, remix or reordering. Pandore published also a special issue dedicated to the sound works of the visual artist and author Juliette Fontaine.

Listen to extracts of the 9 issues : issues #0 to #5 | issues #6 and #7 | issue #8 | issue #9 | Special issue Juliette Fontaine

Interview of Thierry Fournier by Arnaud Laporte, France Culture (Multipistes program), April 24th, 2003 (in french):

Trailer (1998):