Only Richard

Feature film, 1h41, 1:2.39, 2023, French + English subtitles.
Directed by Thierry Fournier
After Richard II by William Shakepeare, translation François-Victor Hugo (1872). Adaptation and stage direction Thierry Fournier and Jean-François Robardet.

Cast: Emmanuelle Lafon (Richard’s voice), Pierre Carniaux, Eloïse Chabbal, Aurélie Claude, Charles Gonin, Mathieu Guigue, Sophie Jaskierowicz, Marianne Kaldi, Emilie Legret, Alexia Mérel, Claire Moindrot, Judith Morisseau, Tram Ahn Ngô, Sandrine Nicolas.

William Shakespeare’s “Richard II” depicts the narcissistic delirium of a solitary power. The first feature film by visual artist Thierry Fournier, “Only Richard” stages it by confronting Richard, in subjective camera and whose voice is played by Emmanuelle Lafon, and his people who address him, embodied by actors and students, in a park and a forest.

Shot in a few days with a single camera, a great economy of means and performers reading as if in an assembly, this film proposes a poetic and political confrontation of which the screen would be both the mirror and the interface.

Production: Thierry Fournier & Pandore Production, with support from Ensad Nancy, Région Lorraine, Chartreuse-CNES, Dicréam, Le Fresnoy studio National des Arts Contemporains.