The Watchers

Curator and apparatus Thierry Fournier
Works by Marie-Julie Bourgeois, Marine Pagès and Antoine Schmitt

Tokyo City View, 52nd floor of the Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
Digital Choc Festival, Institut Français de Tokyo x Festival Media Ambition Tokyo
From February 23 to March 3, 2019, 10am-22pm

The Watchers shows three works of Marie-Julie Bourgeois, Marine Pagès and Antoine Schmitt, on the 52nd floor of the Mori Tower, overlooking the entire city of Tokyo. Each of them transforms the image of a camera that films the city live, and is displayed on a screen. The audience watches works that themselves watches at the landscape.

Each work proposes a specific relationship between near and far, surface and depth, space and horizon. Vanishing Points by Marie-Julie Bourgeois replaces the horizon and the sky of Tokyo with that of a real-time webcam located in Paris. Floating Bodies by Marine Pagès mask the entire landscape with a milky and translucent layer, except temporarily, where the spectator puts his finger. No Disc by Antoine Schmitt cuts out a large disc in the landscape image, that turns around itself in the curse of one hour.

Production: French Institute of Tokyo and Media Ambition Tokyo
Computer adaptation of the works: Mathieu Chamagne

Ces œuvres ont été initialement créées dans le cadre du projet Fenêtre augmentée conçu et commissarié par Thierry Fournier de 2011 à 2015 : en 2013 à la Friche La Belle de Mai à Marseille pour Marie-Julie Bourgeois ; au Château Royal de Collioure en 2014, pour Marine Pagès et Antoine Schmit.

Production de Points de fuite de Marie-Julie Bourgeois : Zinc et Bipolar, avec le soutien de La Friche Belle de Mai, Le Silo Ville de Marseille et Höfn. Production de Les Corps flottants de Marine Pagès et No Disc d’Antoine Schmitt : Bipolar, Union Européenne / FEDER, coproduction la Panacée et Château Royal de Collioure.