4K generative film with sound, 24-inch recycled LCD screen, 60 x 40 cm LED plate, transparent prints, paper, tracing paper, adhesive, cables, laptop, bluetooth speaker, tables, 500 x 70 x 80 cm, 2022 .

Unbeknownst addresses the ideologies conveyed about science and research by stock images.

A generative program endlessly edits stock videos about science: laboratories, researchers, etc. Their slick and interchangeable, technicist and deceptively inclusive aesthetic could apply equally well to corporations or startups. These images, stripped of reality and of any conflict, convey an ideology of progress, efficiency and performance. On these videos, the film superimposes sentences that question them.

The installation presents this film on a very long table, on a laptop, a disassembled screen and 75 prints on transparencies of images from the film and sentences. It forms like a constantly renewed flow that would always be identical. What is the impact of these images? How do they contribute to a collective imagination of science and to the expectations of society?