Pandore Production

The association Pandore production has been founded in 1997 for the Pandore curatorial project. Its organization has been modified in 2008 to follow the conception and realization of art and stage projects, in four domains of expertise:

– executive production

– filming, video editing and color processing, sound editing and sound design

– stage video and photography

– web design


– for Olivier Dubois (choreographer), editing and color processing for the film and exhibition L’interprète dévisagé (Staring at the Performer) 2009

– for Esther Molo (stage director), stage photography for the theater play Ubu, 2009

– for Juliette Fontaine (visual artist), webdesign of, 2008-09

– for Thierry Fournier: website, executive production of several artworks and stage projects between 2007 and 2009 (Fermata, InFocus, Unfold, exhibition Un Geste qui ne finit pas (A Never Ending Gesture) Scène nationale de Valence (France). Editing and color processing for the oncoming stage project Seul Richard.

– Executive production for the Pandore curatorial project and the special issue Juliette Fontaine, since 1998.