Penser voir

Sound piece (mp3,9’47”, loop) and live feed from a CCTV camera (2018)
Watch the work online:

Penser voir postulates the fiction of a smart CCTV camera pointed at a beach, which would analyze its image and would express itself through a synthetic voice. However, she expresses her total inability to describe what is happening: how to recognize the sea, passers-by, trees? What is suspicious behaviour? What to look at and how? Feeling incompetent, in a burn-out situation, she compares herself to micro-workers or web detection algorithms. She describes her own logics, her own interrogations; sometimes she quote passages from Wittgenstein’s On certainty. What are we sure about? What is to see?


Penser voir is invited by the Acoustic Cameras project, that invites composers and sound artists to annex the real-time flow of webcams located in various places around the world.