Network installation (2015)
Computer, internet-connected program, video projection or HD screen

A program downloads in real time all messages written on Twitter that express desires, including expressions such as “I wish”, “It would be so cool”, “I dream of”, “I totally wish”, etc. He makes them read by synthetic voices, which simultaneously generate a 3D landscape: each message reveals a wave. A camera moves endlessly in this artificial paradise, like an addiction that would never stop.

Extracted from the context of social networks, these personal and sometimes very intimate thoughts express both love desires or life dreams, as well as the desire for a pair of sneakers. Through these words thrown like bottles into the sea, absorbed by the network and already de-humanized by the voices of machines, the work addresses how lives are exposed on the Internet, questioning the fluctuating boundaries between intimacy and public life.

Programming: Olivier Guillerminet. Coproduction: Thierry Fournier, Lux Scène nationale de Valence, with support from Scan Rhône-Alpes grant, Dicréam grant, with support from Synesthesie.