Penser voir

Sound piece (mp3,9’47”, loop) and live feed from a CCTV camera (2018)
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A CCTV camera is filming a beach. One imagine that it is equipped with an artificial intelligence, thinking out loud through a synthetic voice. Her level of perfection would have led her to doubt and she would share her questions: what should we look at? How to recognize the sea, the passers-by? What is a suspicious behaviour? What is its purpose? As in a burn-out situation, she compares herself to the micro-workers exploited on the web, questioning the meaning of her work in an anthropomorphism that raises the political stakes of these devices.


Penser voir was created by Thierry Fournier in 2018 at the invitation of Acoustic Cameras, an online project that invites composers and sound artists to annex the real-time flow of webcams located in various places around the world.


network installation, 2015

Network installation (2015)
Computer, internet-connected program, video projection or HD screen
Music from the first seconds of Charles Ives’ The Unanswered Question.

Ecotone is an artificial landscape inhabited by voices that read in real time all the messages posted on Twitter about desires.

A program downloads in real time all the messages written on Twitter that express desires, searching expressions such as “I wish”, “It would be so cool”, “I dream of”, “I totally wish”, etc. He makes them read by synthetic voices, and each message generates a sort of wave or mountain in the landscape. A camera moves endlessly in this artificial paradise, like an addiction that would never stop.

Extracted from the context of social media, these personal and sometimes very intimate thoughts can express love desires or life dreams, but also the very mundane seek for a pair of sneakers… With these sentences thrown over and over like messages in a bottle, the artwork addresses how the persons expose themselves on the Internet, questioning the fluctuating boundaries between intimacy and public life.

Ecotone, exhibition view, Criatec, Carmel church, Aveiro, Portugal, 2019

Programming: Olivier Guillerminet. Coproduction: Thierry Fournier, Lux Scène nationale de Valence, with support from Scan Rhône-Alpes grant, Dicréam grant, with support from Synesthesie.

The Moult of the angel

online dance performance, 2001

Online dance performance, 2001
Isabelle Choiniere and Thierry Fournier

The Moulting Angel is a live and online performance, in which two dancers interact in two distant places, exchanging music and images generated by their movements. The project explores the projections and transformations of the body through a network. Each site performs a mix of both interventions in a constant dialogue. The musical generation is based on a set of microphones, explored in various directions (gestural capture, sound recording, relationship between space and body, etc.).