Series of photogrammetries, giclees on japanese paper Awagami Kozo 110g, 2023
Formats 38 x 26 ou 77 x 52 cm, white wooden frame 20mm, 5 ex + AE each
Image: Lacunes #1, Rhododendron (azalée, azalea)

Lacunes is a series of prints on paper, created from three-dimensional scans of flowers and plants. Each image is produced using photogrammetry, by synthesizing several hundred photographs of the subject. The impossibility of this device to reproduce every detail generates gaps, which are compensated for by interpolations of form and color: a pictorial gesture emerges, based on the limits of the algorithm to represent reality.

Lacunes is one of the first works linked to the Commune présence (Common Presence) project initiated by artists and curators Juliette Fontaine and Thierry Fournier, which aims to develop an artistic and critical practice in relation to a place and its environment: mineral, vegetable, animal and human. All the flowers in Lacunes come from this garden, picked and photographed as they bloom since May 2023 – like a herbarium of representations that will gradually be completed.

Thomas Gendre, artistic and engineering assistant
Prints by Picto, Paris
Papers by Awagami Factory, Tokushima, Japon