Solo show
Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier
September 18th to October 23rd, 2020
Series of drawings on iPad, fine art printings on vinyl, variable dimensions

The Órganon exhibition is unfolding on the campus of the Université Paul-Valéry with a series of 32 drawings created on iPad, printed on vinyls of varying sizes and installed outdoors: suspended in trees or buildings, laid on the ground, etc. This series is also an exhibition protocol, which emphasizes the specific qualities of a campus.

Their creation on tablet uses tools derived from analog mediums (pencil, airbrush, oil or wash shapes) transformed by digital processes. In Greek, the word Órganon refers to an organ, tool, instrument or logical sum. Here he evokes entities with ambiguous bodies, human or artificial bodies, which are beginning to proliferate on the campus.


series of UV prints on plexiglass, 2017

UV prints on plexiglas, acoustic foam, neon lights, 200 x 66 x 18 cm (2017)

Three text messages are generated on a smartphone with a protocol that consists in randomly writing a first word, which is followed exclusively by the device’s automatic next-word suggestions. While this process is aimed to eliminate any decision, it appears that the algorithm also includes personal expressions, without revealing to what extent. Something that could seem exclusively produced by a machine is actually already the result of an hybridization by a program permanently fed by the capture of human’s behavior.

Oracles exists in two editions: English and French

Exhibition views : Thierry Fournier, Axolotl, duo show with Laura Gozlan, 2018

Exhibition view : Thierry Fournier, Heterotopia, solo show, 2017


Series of 3 digital prints, 2016

Series of 3 digital prints, hahnemühle fine art paper laminated on dibond, 75 x 50 cm, 2016

Non-lieu is a series of images of bombings found on the web, in which the part that could place the action is replaced by the wallpaper of Photoshop. The collision between these truncated images and the screen’s surface suggests an irreducible distance from the real: what our technologies allow us also not to see.




Distributed by ArtJaws online gallery.

The Promise

installation, 2016

Series of prints (2016)
Installation version: print on canvas, modulated lights, 1500 x 370 x 250 cm

By displaying typical messages of advertising and the web in a static form, The Promise highlights expectations of control on the self and the world, and the suspension of the attention that results. Here, the installation displays three giant texts in three windows, lit by pulsations, their large scale addressing pedestrians and traffic.

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Installation created within the group show Data on View