Pandore Production

The association Pandore production has been founded in 1997 for the Pandore curatorial project. Its organization has been modified in 2008 to follow the conception and realization of art and stage projects, in four domains of expertise:

– executive production

– filming, video editing and color processing, sound editing and sound design

– stage video and photography

– web design


– for Olivier Dubois (choreographer), editing and color processing for the film and exhibition L’interprète dévisagé (Staring at the Performer) 2009

– for Esther Molo (stage director), stage photography for the theater play Ubu, 2009

– for Juliette Fontaine (visual artist), webdesign of, 2008-09

– for Thierry Fournier: website, executive production of several artworks and stage projects between 2007 and 2009 (Fermata, InFocus, Unfold, exhibition Un Geste qui ne finit pas (A Never Ending Gesture) Scène nationale de Valence (France). Editing and color processing for the oncoming stage project Seul Richard.

– Executive production for the Pandore curatorial project and the special issue Juliette Fontaine, since 1998.

Pandore #9

Issue #9 (2003)

Other issues: #0 to à #4 | #6 & #7 | #8 | Special Issue Juliette Fontaine

Vanda Benes – Pochette surprise, Christian Zanesi
[audio:pandore_champagne.mp3|titles=Pandore / générique / Christian Zanesi]

Thomas Rannou & Alexia Monduit, Rien, 2004
[audio:pandore9_Piste_02.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Rannou & Monduit / Rien]

Thomas Rannou & Alexia Monduit, Broussard, 2004
[audio:pandore9_Piste_03.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Rannou & Monduit / Broussard]

Alain Enjary & Arlette Bonnard, maquette de Huit heures à la Fontaine, 2003
[audio:pandore9_Piste_04.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Enjary & Bonnard / 8 heures]

Célia Houdart & Marc Mellits, extract from a rehearsal of M&W, 2003
[audio:pandore9_Piste_05.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Houdart & Mellits / M&W]

Jean Havert – Le Croate, text by Heiner Müller read by a passer-by, 2003
[audio:pandore9_Piste_06.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Jean Havert / Le Croate]

Benoît Résillot, Une chanson de D&G, 2003
[audio:pandore9_Piste_07.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Benoit Résillot]

Sylvain Prunenec / Manuel Coursin, Extract from a performance of Fronde Ethiopia, 2003
[audio:pandore9_Piste_08.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Sylvain Prunenec / Fronde Ethiopia]

Christophe Brault, Ce que la voix apporte au texte, excerpt from a text by Gilles Deleuze
[audio:pandore9_Piste_09.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Christophe Brault / Gilles Deleuze]

Thierry Fournier – Extract of an interview of Isabelle Stengers for the artwork Shadow of a doubt, 2003
[audio:pandore9_Piste_10.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Thierry Fournier / Isabelle Stengers]

Pierre Carniaux et Maud Hufnagel, A song at Miyako-Jima, Okinawa, 2003
[audio:pandore9_Piste_11.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Carniaux & Hufnagel / Okinawa]

Four extracts from the seminar L’intermittence, un modèle social ? (Unemployment benefits for art workers, a social model?), Studio-Théâtre de Vitry (France) in 2003, including Antonella Corsani and Emmanuel Renault
[audio:pandore9_Piste_12.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Intermittence, un modèle social ?]
[audio:pandore9_Piste_13.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Intermittence, un modèle social ?]
[audio:pandore9_Piste_14.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Intermittence, un modèle social ?]
[audio:pandore9_Piste_15.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Intermittence, un modèle social ?]

Compagnie Yuki-za, extract from a rehearsal, 2003
[audio:pandore9_Piste_16.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Yuki-za]

Didier Payen, Recording of a black track ski ride, 2003
[audio:pandore9_Piste_17.mp3|titles=Pandore n°9 / Didier Payen / Piste noire]

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Pandore #8

See also the general description of the Pandore project. Listen to the other issues : #0 to #5 | #6 and #7 | #9 | Special issue Juliette Fontaine

Excerpts from the issue # 8 (2002)

Juliette Fontaine, La Folie du coucou, 2002
[audio:pandore8_juliette-la-folie-du-coucou.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Juliette Fontaine / La Folie du coucou]

Alex Kummerman, Soundwalk Paris Strasbourg Saint-Denis, extrait, 2002
[audio:pandore8_kummerman-oversampling.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Alex Kummerman / Soundwalk]

Célia Houdart, Gentleman Jim, 2002
[audio:pandore8_celia-houdart.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Célia Houdart / Gentleman Jim]

Thierry Fournier – Sweetest Love pour 3 voix et électronique, extrait, 2002
[audio:pandore8_donne-sweetest trio.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Thierry Fournier / Sweetest Love]

Laurent Dailleau, Court Green, 2002
[audio:pandore8_dailleau_courtgreen|titles=Pandore n°8 / Laurent Dailleau / Court Green]

Sofi Hémon – Transparent ?
[audio:pandore8_sofihemon-transparent.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Sofi Hémon / Ca existe étoilement ?]

Emma Morin – lecture d’un extrait de Vent Clair d’Andreï Tarkovski
[audio:pandore8_emma-tarkovsky.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Emma Morin / Vent Clair]

Sofi Hémon – Par exemple, extrait d’un dialogue entre Sofi Hémon et Teresa Poester
[audio:pandore8_sofihemon-par exemple.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Sofi Hémon / Teresa Poester]

Juliette Fontaine et Thierry Fournier – Ping-Pong, 2003
Initialement paru sous le nom Pingpong et le titre So Silence
[audio:pandore8_pingpong.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Juliette Fontaine et Thierry Fournier / Ping-Pong]

Christophe Brault – Mode d’emploi d’une bicyclette traduit par un logiciel, lecture, mise en jeu Thierry Fournier, 2003
[audio:pandore8_christophe-brault_mode-emploi.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Christophe Brault / Bicyclette]

Roland Cahen, Mozzarella, extraits 3 et 4, 2003
[audio:pandore8_cahen-moza-3.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Roland Cahen / Mozzarella]
[audio:pandore8_cahen-moza-4.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Roland Cahen / Mozzarella]

Thierry Fournier – Tokyo Fishmarket Ready-mix dans la criée du marché au thon à Tokyo, 2002
[audio:fishmarket.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Thierry Fournier / Fishmarket]

Sofi Hémon et Catherine Jackson – Tu veux qu’on arrête ?
[audio:pandore8_sofihemon-tu-veux.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Sofi Hémon et Catherine Jackson]

Thierry Fournier – NHK, Setagaya Hotel 08.07.2002, 07:30
[audio:pandore8_setagayahotel.mp3|titles=Pandore n°8 / Thierry Fournier / Setagaya]

Pandore #6 and #7

See also the general description of the Pandore project or listen to the other issues : #0 to #5 | # 8 | # 9 | Special issue Juliette Fontaine

Excerpts from the issues # 6 and 7 (1999 and 2000)

Pandore #6 (1999) – excerpts

Annie Fromentin – Extract from a hamjouj lesson by Jalil Toujka, 1999
[audio:pandore6_gwana.mp3|titles=Pandore n°6 / Annie Fromentin / Jalil Toujka]

Stéphane Daloz et Hervé Arnoud – Un crapaud vaut deux guêpes, 1999
[audio:pandore6_guepes.mp3|titles=Pandore n°6 / Stéphane Daloz et Hervé Arnoud]

Juliette Fontaine, Ricochets, 1999
[audio:09-ricochets.mp3|titles=Pandore n°6 / Juliette Fontaine / Ricochets]

Fred Bigot, Célia Houdart et Benjamin Ritter – 16 ways to pronounce potato, 1999
[audio:pandore6_potato.mp3|titles=Pandore n°6 / Fred Bigot, Célia Houdart et Benjamin Ritter]

Fabienne Issartel – Yves Belaubre speaks about the book Descartes et le cannabis, 1999
[audio:pandore6_belaubre.mp3|titles=Pandore n°6 / Fabienne Issartel / Yves Belaubre]

Pandore #7 (2000) – excerpts

Frédéric Nauczyciel – Luana Pradang (Laos) Laos, Fête des morts, sept 1999
[audio:pandore7_nauczyciel_laos.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Frédéric Nauczyciel]

Frédéric Nauczyciel – Auschwitz (Pologne), prière aux morts, mars 2000
[audio:pandore7_nauczyciel_auschwitz.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Frédéric Nauczyciel]

Frédéric Darricades – Folly’s Studies, 2000
[audio:pandore7_darricades_folly.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Frédéric Darricades]

Laurent Dailleau – Triolid, Coda, 2000
[audio:pandore7_dailleau.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Laurent Dailleau – Triolid]

Catherine Jackson – Birds and a few words from Scott, 1985
[audio:pandore7_catherine_jackson_scott.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Catherine Jackson]

Catherine Jackson – Los Emilianos a papa, Oaxaca, 1985
[audio:pandore7_catherine_jackson_emilianos.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Catherine Jackson]

Barbara Belhaj / Olivia Granville – Epilogue de Mais de sexualité je ne parlerai point, 2000
[audio:pandore7_belhaj_sexualite.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Barbara Belhaj / Olivia Granville]

Thierry Fournier – Extrait 1 du Trésor des Nibelungen, 2000
[audio:pandore7_schatz-60.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Thierry Fournier / Nibelungen]

Thierry Fournier – Extrait 2 du Trésor des Nibelungen, 2000
[audio:pandore7_schatz-7.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Thierry Fournier / Nibelungen]

Juliette Fontaine – Le Chant des baleines, 2000
[audio:pandore7_juliette-fontaine.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Juliette Fontaine / Le Chant des baleines]

Thierry Fournier – Extract from an interview of Olivier Py in Connaissance des écritures actuelles1999
[audio:pandore7_py-parole.mp3|titles=Pandore n°7 / Thierry Fournier / Olivier Py]

Musical archives

This page gathers several musical creations, live pieces as Core or To Agrippine, sound captations of installations which gives an important role to the sound and music as The Nibelungen Treasure, Ce qui nous regarde, Outside Lectures, Frost, Siren, and at least musics composed for feature films, visual arts or performing arts, as Sweetest Love, The Screens or Architecture of Paradise. The page will be completed progressively with musical and sound archives. The titles with links refer to specific work pages on this site.

Ce qui nous regarde, 2005
Sound captation of the interactive installation
Ensemble of 6 electric guitars, 6 violins, 6 violas and 4 cellos generated in real time by the presence and movements of the spectators in the installation’s room. Excerpt:

To Agrippine, 2004
Electronique live. With the voices of Hiromi Asaï et Véronique Gens. Excerpt:

Ping-Pong, 2003, with Juliette Fontaine

As, 2002
Electronic piece

Tokyo Fishmarket, 2002
A “ready-mix” journey in the Tokyo fish market: the movements in space generate the piece.

Core, 2000
Electronic live piece, with the voice of Alyson Wishnouvsky. Excerpts:

Architecture of Paradise, 2000
Created for an installation by Marie Sester.
Performers: Armelle Orieux (mezzo-soprano) Laura Gordiani (alto), Vanda Benes and Lyndee Mah (spoken voices). Excerpts:

The Nibelungen Treasure, 2000
Interactive musical piece genetared by the movements of the spectators in a virtual space.
Performers: Armelle Orieux (soprano), Laura Gordiani (alto), Jean-François Chiama (tenor), Eric Guillermin (bass). Excerpts:

Nuages de Mars, 1998

Visite du soir espoir, 1993
Four guitars and electric bass. For the short film Visite du Soir Espoir by Anne Théron.

Le Poids de la tête, 1988
Four guitars and electric bass, percussions, electronics, with the voice of Dominique Ros de la Grange

Duo des Fleurs, 1986
Four guitars and prepared electric bass


Les Chaises, musical creation for a theater show, 2003

L’Onde Sonore, musical creation for the millenium ceremonies in Paris, 2000

Cinema trailer of Rezo Films, 1993 :

Pandore #0 to #5

See also the general description of the Pandore project or listen to the other issues: #6 and #7 | #8 | #9 | Special issue Juliette Fontaine

Excerpts from the issues #0 to #5 (1997 to 2000)

Vanda Benes – Opening sequence of Pandore, Pochette surprise by Christian Zanesi

Delphine Benois – Julien Offray de la Mettrie, L’art de jouir, extrait (1997)

Fabienne Issartel – Excerpt from the movie Qui vivra verra avec Yves Bellambre

Juliette Fontaine – Excerpt from an interview of Bram Van Velde by Charles Juliet

Fabienne Issartel – Excerpt from the movie Chronique de mon jardin, interview of Philippe Vuillemin

Fabienne Issartel – Excerpt from the movie Là-haut sur la montagne with Ernest Kerpen

Pandore # 2 (1998) – excerpts

Vanda Benes – Démonstration of Bharata-natyam by Malarika Sarubaï

Juliette Fontaine – Excerpt from the audio document Confidences of an autistic with Birger Sellin

Roch de Haut de Sigy – Excerpt from Live by Akira Kurosawa

Pandore # 3 (1998) – excerpts

Sofi Hémon – Excerpt from an interview of Joan Mitchell

Sofi Hémon – Excerpt from the french radio program Les Nuits Magnétiques (France Culture, February 26th, 1991) dedicated to the artist Gérard Gasiorowski

Thierry Fournier – Bernard-Marie Koltès, excerpt from an interview about the book La Nuit juste avant les forêts, INA 1988

Pandore # 4 (1999) – excerpts

Thierry Fournier – Excerpt from the first sketch of The Nibelungen Treasure, 1999

Sylvain Prunenec and Anne-Karine Boscop – Travel notebook in Kenya / Ouganda / Ethiopie #1, 1998

Sylvain Prunenec in Anne-Karine Boscop – Travel notebook in Kenya / Ouganda / Ethiopie #2, 1998

Sylvain Prunenec et Anne-Karine Boscop – Travel notebook in Kenya / Ouganda / Ethiopie #3, 1998

Catherine Jackson – Fenêtre sur… et seuil, Juliette Fontaine, Catherine Jackson and Frédéric Darricades, 2000

Juliette Fontaine – Worstward Ho, text by Samuel Beckett

Thierry Fournier – Excerpt from the Abécédaire of Gilles Deleuze, entry F comme Folie, (M like Madness), 1996


Wake up

Periny (Morning song), Jan Antonín Pitínský / Iva Bittová & Pavel Fajt, video by Fred Frith.

I wish you a very happy new year!



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